About Us

Goose Creek Renewable Energy Inc. customizes and installs off-grid and grid-tie solar photovoltaic power systems.  Our customized systems cover agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential power generation solutions.  Over the past eleven years, the company, based just outside of Blackie, Alberta, has successfully completed over 500 solar power generation projects throughout Western Canada.

Goose Creek was founded by the Dunsmores in 2002 and the company was incorporated in 2007.  In creating their company, Goose Creek’s President Rick Dunsmore said, “I had to live it to prove it” and since 2002, the Dunsmores have lived and operated their home-based business off-grid.  Their home became the company’s living brochure, complete with top-of-the-line appliances to demonstrate that lifestyle does not need to be sacrificed to live off-grid.

Goose Creek’s highest priority is to provide proven quality products, experienced installation and knowledgeable power solutions backed by our unflagging commitment to excellence in service. The company is recognized as a professional leading authority on solar energy systems and continues to remain actively involved with educational programs at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.